Road Map

RealPricer is continuously under development. Much of our development road map plans are derived from customer feedback. Our ultimate goal is to offer the electrical distribution industry with the best sell pricing intelligence possible.

IN DEVELOPMENT: More regions, data and reports.
September 12, 2011

After releasing Realpricer 2.0 with regional pricing, we will be considering customer feedback and continuing to add new customers and data sources. Version 2.0 will undergo many usability, reports and data related enhancements.

RELEASED: RealPricer 2.0 with Regional Pricing
September 9, 2011

RealPricer Road Map

We have reached a critical mass of data that now allows us to divide pricing by the NAED regions. Western, South Central and Eastern regions are now included in RealPricer. Version 2.0 also included several additional features we added per customer requests.

RealPricer 2.0 enhancements and additions:
  • New regional pricing data!
    • Three regions of pricing  (Based on NAED region breakdown)
    • Eastern
    • South Central
    • Western
  • High quantity segmentation (contract sales)
    • This has increased the accuracy of the Regional and National data while providing a view into the typically lower priced “high quantity” and “contract” priced sales.
  • Expansion of items, transactions
    • Total items tracked by RealPricer is now 33,987 and growing.
    • Over 4,200,000 transactions aggregated.
  • Charts historical data additions
    • Historical regional prices included in charts
    • Chart display theme/colors improved for legibility.
  • Universal Search
    • The search bar at top-right of RealPricer provides instant searching to save you time.
  • Enhanced Pathways
    • Improved pathway item coverage.
  • Report Improvements
    • Now filter reports by Manufacturer
    • Can now narrow reports to compare vs. your Region’s Price


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RELEASED: Initial Launch with National Price
December 1, 2010

RealPricer National Pricing at Launch

We are happy to announce version 1.0 has been launched with national pricing.

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