What is eDAP?

eDAP (electronic Data Aggregation Program) was recently introduced by Invoice Connection to leading electrical distributors throughout the U.S. Customers who choose to participate in eDAP provide us with permission to aggregate data on product and pricing information that we utilize to aggregate data for RealPricer.

How will our data be used?

With eDAP, pricing data from your company and dozens of other leading distributors are combined and analyzed. Our RealPricer service provides industry subscribers with information on the Median price of fast moving items, as well as the range of prices for which it has been sold. These data are derived from thousands, or tens of thousands, of transactions.

How can I be sure that my competitors will not know specifics about my pricing?

Because we only will aggregate data for items when we have a significant number of participants and we only provide summary data, your individual pricing policies can never be derived from our services. No individual transactions are given, nor are any individual company names used.

Can you give me an example?

Sure. Suppose you are interested in finding out the price of a QO120 circuit breaker from Square D. You can look this up on the RealPricer web site, and would see, for example, that QO120’s are selling at a median price of $4.17, and have ranged from a low of $1.76, to as much as $12.77.

Why should I agree to participate in eDAP?

In addition to receiving a significant discount on bot RealPricer and Invoice Connection, eDAP participants are able to view their actual pricing data along side aggregated industry data. They can visual see, and plot, how their prices compare to the market figures.

Will RealPricer provide regional data?

In our initial release, RealPricer will provide aggregate national information only. As our network of eDAP participants grows, we will provide regional information. In order to protect our network’s anonymity, we will never provide regional information unless there are a significant number of participants in that region.

One of your competitors told us that you will use our customer information for marketing purposes. Is this true?

Absolutely not. Our strict privacy policy ensures that all of your customer information is never used, nor is it released to any third party.

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