How will you use RealPricer?

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RealPricer 2.0 Launches!

In September 2011, version 2.0 of RealPricer launched with regional pricing regions, expanded data filtering tools and many more features. Read more about the release on our roadmap page.

What is RealPricer?

RealPricer gives Electrical Distributor sales and pricing managers the tools to improve their market pricing intelligence. RealPricer is a web application that offers aggregated real world, regionalized pricing information packaged with pricing analysis tools.

As a subscription based web application, there isn't anything to install and updates are handled automatically by our inhouse data experts.

RealPricer is available by subscription ONLY to bona fide electrical distributors.

Sign up for RealPricer

Contact Real Price Solutions at
800-245-0336 for details.

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Eligibility Requirements

· U.S. based electrical distributor
· 3 Invoices from 3 unique manufacturers within last quarter
· Primary contact eligibility interview
· NAED membership status review